Should I disassemble furniture when moving?

24th Sep 2019

If you can disassemble your furniture it can help. We can then move them easily and stack them safely.

If you can minimise unusual shapes, we can stack and organise the space in our truck more efficiently. For example, breaking your bed up into bedhead, footer, and mattress. This means instead of a full bed in the back of the truck we can stack these pieces side by side. In other cases, you might not need to break the furniture down, for dining room tables in the truck we can put boxes under the table, for dining chairs we can stack them easily.

Get your drill and Ziplock bags. For each bit of furniture, you can label a ziplock bag and put its screws, bolts, and other bits and pieces in the bag for that piece of furniture. You can then tape the bag inside the furniture, so they don’t get separated.

You don't need to get everything back to a flat pack state, we are just aiming to make bigger items smaller and unusually shaped items more stackable.

For those items you do disassemble that are any small/skinny/long please wrap them in bubble wrap or in blankets. This will save time and ensure they don’t get damaged or scratched.

This is also a good time to assess your furniture needs. Consider if this furniture is needed in your new place. Instead of dismantling and moving a large piece you could donate it to charity and have them come and pick it up before the move, or include it in your garage sale.

It is good to have your drill ready on move day as well in case there is anything that needs to be broken down further.

Please contact us with any questions you might have.