Packing Tips

3rd May 2019

Here are a few packing tips to make your move easy. Following these guidelines will mean that we can quickly and efficiently assist you.


  • Buy packing materials – boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marker pens, small and large zip-lock bags.
    • Buy more than you think you’ll need to avoid untimely shopping trips.
    • Consistently sized boxes will make us quicker and more efficient. Limit box weights to 20Kg. Pack lighter items in bigger moving boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes. This makes for easy lifting and lowers risk of the box ‘giving out’.
    • Butchers paper for wrapping, or fabric, tea towels, clothing, won’t leave stains like newspaper.
  • Eat - reduce the content of your freezer, fridge and pantry before the move. Have an esky to put the remaining items in.
  • Inventory – Prepare a separate inventory list detailing box numbers and contents.
  • Create a system - Clearly number and label every moving box you pack. You could colour code boxes by room type. Label boxes with its contents, or in your Inventory.


  • Where to begin - Start by packing the belongings you use least. Those in your storage cupboards and garage.
  • Work room by room - Pack one room at a time, keeping all the packed boxes for each room together.
  • Purge as you pack - take the opportunity while packing to get rid of items you no longer use (that don’t spark joy). Sell, donate or throw these items away, don’t take items you no longer use to clutter up the new house.
  • Valuables – keep your most valuable items with you during the moving process ie. jewellery, passports etc.
  • Distribute weight - Pack heavy items on the bottom of the carton and lighter items on top
  • Fill empty space - Use fabric, tea towels, clothing, paper, or bubble wrap to completely fill boxes.
  • Secure little things - Keep zip lock bags handy for small objects.
  • Close boxes properly - Never pack a box that doesn’t close or has items sticking out the top. Its fewer trips if we can stack items securely. Use the right sized box.
  • Finish it all before moving day – don’t leave any packing for the day of the move. Have everything ready the night before. That way we can help you move in the minimum time.

Preparing Furniture

  • Empty Cupboards - Furniture isn’t designed to be moved. Adding weight greatly increases the risk of damage in transit.
  • Dismantle furniture - Break down items which come apart easily that you won’t need to use in the lead up to moving house.
  • Secure components - Put any removable hardware (like screws and bolts) from dismantled furniture into a clear plastic bag or container. Tape the bags to larger pieces of furniture or safely secure your container elsewhere


Consider your first night. Moving house can be a tiring exercise, make sure anything you need to settle into your new home on your first night is easy to access. Consider packing a separate ‘First Night Box’ containing bed linen, towels, a change of clothes, and toiletries for all family members.

We hope you find these tips helpful and we look forward to making your next move easy.

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