Don’t Injure Yourself Moving House

21st Oct 2019

Below are some tips to keep you safe while moving house. We hope to help prevent those strained backs, sore arms, or broken toes. Not to mention damage to your possessions.

Prepare – Pack boxes with appropriate weight, you would not want more than 20Kg in each box. You will have to move this box a few times before the end of this move.

Look after yourself - Do a quick stretch before you start so your muscles are warm, keep hydrated throughout the day, and take breaks as necessary to avoid fatigue and increased risk of injury.

Protect your furniture - with bubble wrap, blankets, sheets, padding and more. If you drop or bump your furniture, the protection will minimize the risk of damage to your belongings and yourself.

Lift Correctly – Make sure there is enough room around you, place your legs apart about hip width. Bend your knees! This will ensure you are using your leg muscles and not your back muscles. Keep your back straight as possible and as close to vertical as possible. While lifting and carrying the load you should not turn or twist your body. Putting the load down is simply a reverse of the lifting procedure.

Slow and Steady - The chances of getting an injury increases when you are in a hurry and trying to do everything as fast as possible. Take your time and do things properly.

Use the right equipment - to help move the furniture. Hoists, trolleys, rollers, sliders, straps and more are all useful tools to help you move heavy furniture. Don’t risk injury when there is equipment that can assist you.

Ask for help – Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk to yourself and your furniture to move your belongings on your own. Sapphire City Removals can provide professional help making your move easy. We are experienced and affordable.

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